The world ended ten years ago.
You were barely a teenager when the inevitable happened. It began in Iran. The decision was made that if they could attack fast enough, hard enough everyone would be too scared to retaliate, and Israel would finally be gone. Justice. The planes lifted off two hours before dawn, and came back two hours after, their job down. The United Nations cried out in horror and did nothing. The United States glared and made idle threats, but what’s the use of crying or dying over spilled milk. But Iran had missed an israeli silo and the subsequent attack was thought to be an American response. And the world descended into hell. Some used biological warfare, others nuclear, others robotic. But no matter how it was done. The world died. And its place a new one arose.

Being too young to fight you were separated from your siblings and the rest of your family. And sent to an underground bunker with the rest of humanity’s future: kids your age stored in similar bunkers. You were one of the few people who managed to get there though before the collapse of the government. And thus you were trapped underground, deep under the rockies, till the mindless computers determined the radiation levels sufficiently low for survival thanks to science’s ability to construct weapons of vast power with radiation with a short half-life. Woopie
You emerge now, into a changed world. Deserts where forests stood. Empty decaying cities the only proof that humanity was once lords of the world. New threats have risen from the dark places of the world to take mankinds place. Strange creatures from beyond the stars have come to restore order. But the greatest threat to humanity remains the same: humanity itself. Large corporations have risen in the place nations, sheparding humanity in small controlled cities.

BEFORE ANYONE COMPLAINS READ THIS I know I’m not using the Adventure Log properly. But this campaign is still only in production phase I’m not afraid of my players seeing the story simply because they don’t know OBsidian portal exists yet. Once I get them to get an account, I’ll take this down and the other one down. THESE ARE ONLY FOR BRAINSTORMING PURPOSES

Whispers of Ashes